PaysafeCard is a prepaid banking solution available to online casino players. Approximately 3,500 online casinos around the world accept PaysafeCard as an online payment method. The card works with a 16 digit pin code that you use when making online transactions.

Using a Paysafe Card at an Online Casino

PaysafeCard safeguards your personal data as you can remain anonymous while using it. You also have complete peace of mind with regard to your identification and funds. It is ideal for keeping your online casino expenditure separate from the rest of your expenses. How it works is that you buy a preloaded amount and deposit it into your online casino gaming account. However, once your funds are depleted, you have to purchase an additional card. This aids you to you curb your spontaneous gambling habits and help to keep you on a budget. Alternatively, you can download the mobile phone application and have complete control over your PaysafeCard transactions from the phone.